Europlug CEE7/16 To C7 Power Cord

Brand: Essential Electric

Product Code: P-0101-01A

Approval: Europe VDE + ENEC

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Europe to C7 power cord: CEE7/16 and EN 50075 Europlug 2 pin plug to IEC C7 with 2 meters H03VVH2-F 0.75mm² wire black power cord. The European power cord comes with all European country approvals including VDE. This European power cord is also referred to as the Europlug CEE7/16 to C7 mains power lead or Europlug CEE7/16 to C7 mains cable.

Male Plug

Europe "Europlug" CEE7/16 2 prong 2.5A

Female Receptacle

IEC60320 C7 2 prong 2.5A

Wire Jacket Standard


Jacket Material


Conductor Color Code

Brown and Blue


Up to 250 Volts AC


Up to 2.5 Amps


Europe VDE + ENEC


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