Australia AS3112 To C7 Power Cord

Brand: Essential Electric

Product Code: P-0101-01A

Approval: Australia SAA

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Australia to C7 power cord: Australia AS3112 standard 2 pin plug to IEC C7 with H03VVH2-F 0.75mm² wire power cord. 6 feet black with Australia SAA approval. This Australian power cord is also referred to as the AS3112 to C7 mains power lead or AS 3112 to C7 mains cable.

Male Plug

Australia AS3112 2 prong 2.5A

Female Receptacle

IEC60320 C7 2 prong 2.5A

Wire Jacket Standard


Jacket Material


Conductor Color Code

Brown and Blue


Up to 250 Volts AC


Up to 2.5 Amps


Australia SAA


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